Kristiansand, Norway


I always had a true passion for photography, and in the early 70s I started capturing moments with my very first Ricoh Mirror camera using Ilford, Kodak and Agfa fillm.
My main focus was creative black and white photography, basic camera and darkroom techniques, and color slide film.
When, Olympus introduced OM2 in 1977, I continued developing my photography interests and skills. As a graphic designer, the principles of design and composition became a part of my everyday life. Fortunately I was able to combine my work and my passion.
Since the 1998 and until today, I have had the privilege of working for the NGO, Stromme Foundation. Meeting people all over the world and their cultures did change my understanding of silence, peace and communication, and I believe it reflects in my photos.
• In 2010 I entered CGAP`s photo contest (www.cgap.org) (1000 partic. from 40 countries) and got a final photo among the 30 best.
• The same happened in 2013 with 4000 partic./90 countries.
• I´ve had the pleasure of attending five Photo Workshops, 2010, 2011 (Rome) and 3 x 2013 in Vågå, Norway (I+II+III), conducted by the Norwegian photographer Morten Krogvold.
• The exhibition "And One Behind" was shown in the Fotohuset Gallery in Kristiansand, Norway September & October 2012.
• In 2014 from 1. April until 10. May the exhibition "Tracks of Lines" was shown in Rachmaninov Garden Photo Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia.
• In June 2014, The exhibition "60|60" was shown in Christiansholm Festning, Kristiansand, Norway.
• A selection of photos was shown as a part of  The International Triennale of Graphic Arts in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, June 2014.
• Photo illustrated the book "Underveis" by Elisabeth Knutsen November 2014.
Summer exhibition in Farsund, Norway, from 9. to 11. of July 2015.
>>> And now, my own gallery and place to show my artwork.

I´m grateful for these oportunities, and the response inspires me to continue my journey!


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